2016 Mets Report Card

…Grandy finally got it together and began driving in runs at a feverish clip. He was an important part of the Mets last 40 games when the team went a league best 27-13. He had his highest home run total as a Met in 2016 hitting 30, four better than in ’15 and 10 better than in ’14. However, a disturbing fact is that Grandy only had 59 RBI. That is very low run production for having 30 homers. It suggests two things. One, there was no one on base when he hit homeruns and he drove in few runs in other situations. But the good news is most of his run production happened in the last five weeks of the season when it really counted.  Granderson hit two home runs in a game 3 times in 2016 highlighted by a game against Atlanta on April 22 when he drove in 5 runs in a Mets 6-3 win. He also hit two walk off homeruns, one on May 27 against the Dodgers and again on September 9 against the Twins. Granderson was a major reason the Mets succeeded in making the post season for a second straight year.  Curtis is under contract through 2017 and will be paid 15 million next season.

2- David Wright 3B (33) / Lost for the season from May 28, Wright required herniated disk surgery in his neck. In his last game he hit his seventh home run but did not play since and his future remains a question mark. Wright hit 2 home runs in one game in Philadelphia on April 18 and drove in 3 runs in a game in Washington on May 23. Perhaps his biggest moment of his short season was on May 21 when in the bottom of the ninth he hit a walk-off single with the bases loaded against the Brewers. He is hopeful to be ready for spring training 2017. The Mets will have to consider a backup be it in house or from outside the organization. Wright has played in 37 and 38 games over the past two seasons respectively. He’s missed almost 250 games in that time span. How realistic would it be to assume Wright can be the Mets’ everyday third baseman?  It might make sense for David to play some first base, perhaps in a platoon situation with Lucas Duda to compliment some starts at third. David is under contract through the 2020 season. He will be paid 20 million in 2017.

3 -Yoenis Cespedes LF  (31) / Played most of the season, 122 games, and a major catalyst of the Mets offense. On August 4, Cespedes finally went on the DL with a quad injury that nagged him from time to time throughout the season. After his DL stint ended on August 19, Cespedes never returned to centerfield, playing only in left. This was an attempt to cut down on the running required by a center fielder that could aggravate his quad. Cespedes hit 31 home runs with 86 RBI. Those stats led the team. His most productive game was on April 29 when he had 6 RBI against San Francisco. On August 29, Cespedes hit a monster home run giving the Mets at 2-1 walk off win against the Marlins and then on September 11, he drove in 5 against Atlanta. Cespede’s arm was again phenomenal with 9 outfield assists.  He slumped in September but was clearly a major reason for the Mets overcoming adversity and making the wildcard in 2016. Cespedes is under contract through 2019 but has an opt-out clause that he can and likely will exercise after the World Series. It is not clear regarding the Mets strategy. The Mets will attempt to keep him but likely will only offer a contract they feel comfortable with.

4 –Lucas Duda 1B (30) / Lost for most of the season, Duda went on the DL in May with a stress fracture in his lower back. He returned on September 17th. Duda had some mild success in September but lacked the stamina to play in back to back days and as a result was left off the wildcard roster in favor of James Loney. Duda played in only 47 games in 2016 during the regular season.  Highlights for Duda included a game on May 4 against the Braves when he drove in 3 with 2 homeruns. He drove in 3 again on September 27 at Miami.  Duda is arbitration eligible for 2017 and can be a free agent after the 2018 season.

5 –Neil Walker 2B (31)  /Lost for the season since 8/26 with a herniated disk in his lower back that required surgery. Walker gave the Mets a strong bat and a steady glove at second, virtually replacing Daniel Murphy. Although not the bat of Murphy, Walker offered the Mets a more complete game at the second base position.  Walker went on the disabled list on August 26 and did not return for the season. It was thought his loss would have a huge impact on the Mets chances of making the post season but his replacements, most notably T.J. Rivera, did more than what could have been expected as the Mets rallied to the first wildcard. Walker hit nine home runs in the month of April that included a game in Philly when he hit two. Walker’s most productive day was on July 31 against Colorado, the sole win against the Rockies this season, when he drove in 4 runs including a 3 run homer. He is a free agent and it is unclear if the Mets will attempt to resign him since they have a number of options available for second base. They could offer him a qualifying offer that Major League Baseball has set to 17.2 million for 2017.

6 –Michael Conforto DH* LF (23) / Hot start turned into dreadful sophomore season, demoted twice to AAA but on his September call up, Michael showed more patience at the plate, staying in the strike zone, and hitting the ball the opposite way with some big hits. However, heading into the post season, Conforto was not playing regularly. He played in 109 games in 2016 with 12 homers and 32 RBI. He drove in 3 runs in a game 4 times in 2016. Better days are ahead for Mr. Conforto heading into 2017.  I would be shocked if the Mets were to give up on Conforto at this stage of his career especially when he is under team control until 2022. Michael earned 517k in 2016 while playing mostly left field and some right field. *DH because Mets opened in Kansas City.

7 -Asdrubal Cabrera SS (31) / Played exceptionally well for the Mets in 2016. He often suffered from an injured knee that eventually placed him on the disabled list on August 2. He came back on August 19 and had a torrid finish and was a major catalyst for the Mets 27-13 run to winning the wildcard.  His most memorable moment had to be the 3 run walk-off homerun in the 11th inning against the Phillies on September 22 that broke a three game losing streak. In the absence of David Wright, Cabrera became one of the main leaders in the Mets clubhouse. Cabrera hit 23 homeruns with 62 RBI in 2016. While many critics said he lost some range at short, Cabrera demonstrated that he was one of the premiere defensive shortstops in the league. At 30 years old, he still has a lot to offer especially if his knee heals for next season. Cabrera will not need surgery in the offseason, rest and exercise is enough to fix the problem. He will be a bridge to future top prospect Amed Rosario who will likely spend next season in Las Vegas. Asdrubal is under contract through 2017 with a team option for 2018. He will be paid 8.25 million in 2017.

8 –Travis d’Arnaud C (27) / A tremendous disappointment in 2016. d’Arnaud was such a disappointment that I wonder if he will be a member of the Mets come next season. Likely he will remain because his stock is very low right now. Once again, and it has become all too common, Travis spent extensive time on the disabled list. He was placed on the DL on April 26 with a bruised rotator in his right shoulder and missed 50 games, only playing in 75 total.  D’Arnaud lost his power with only 4 home runs and 15 RBI. He can’t throw anyone out stealing and pitchers performed much better with Rene Rivera behind the plate. In fact, by the end of the season, d’Arnaud lost the role of starting catcher to Rivera. Not sure what his problem is but clearly d’Arnaud’s future with the Mets is uncertain. Highlights? Well, d’Arnaud did have a game on June 24 in Atlanta where he drove in 3 of the Mets runs in an 8-6 win. Travis is under team control until 2020 and eligible for arbitration. He made 542k in 2016.

9 –Juan Lagares CF (27) / With the plethora of outfielders and Cespedes resigning with the Mets, Juan’s playing time was limited even before he tore a ligament in his thumb that ultimately required surgery. Placed on the DL twice, June 16th to rest his thumb and again on July 29th for surgery, Lagares finally returned on September 16th basically for defensive purposes and pinch running.  Lagares played in 79 games and hit .239 with 2 homeruns and 9 RBI. It would be great to see what Lagares could do over a full season. His defense remains stellar when he did get opportunities to play. Lagares had a nice game back on May 27 going 3 for 4 with a homer and 3 runs batted in in a 6-5 win over the Dodgers. Depending on what the Mets do with their crowded outfield over the off-season, it’s unclear as to Lagares’s future with the Mets. Certainly if the Mets do not retain Cespedes, there would be more urgency to see what Lagares can offer over an entire season. Lagares is signed through 2020 and will make 4.5 million next season.

10 –Matt Harvey SP (27) / A mediocre season for the Dark Night really turned dark on July 6 when Harvey was placed on the disabled list with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The ailment involves the constriction of blood vessels around the shoulder that was causing Matt to experience numbness and tingling in his fingers. The operation required the removal of a rib. Not all pitchers recover from this surgery so it will be interesting to see how Harvey does next spring when he is expected to be ready. This is why you can never have enough pitching. Harvey was lost for the season since before the All Star break. His record was an unsightly 4-10 with an ERA/WHIP of 4.86/1.08. However, in 8 of Harvey’s starts, he managed to pitch at least 6 innings, no more than 7. His best outing came on May 30 when he shut out the White Sox in 7 innings allowing only 2 hits with 6 Ks. Harvey earned 4.3 million in 2016 and is arbitration eligible for next season. He will not be a free agent until 2019.

Below are the rest of the Mets players who contributed to the fortunes of the 2016 season.

11 –Bartolo Colon SP (43) / Made every start, at age 43 the most dependable pitcher in the rotation. His ability to succeed throwing basically one pitch at different speeds and locations was masterful. Colon is a fan favorite and was a pillar of dependability, truly one of the few bright spots of a rotation decimated by injury. His record was 15-8 with a 3.43/1.21 ERA/WHIP. Without a doubt the highlight of the season involving Colon was the homerun he hit in San Diego on May 7, an instant classic. Pitching-wise had to be the 8 inning shutout effort against Atlanta on May 2, where he struck out 7 and walked none. He earned 7.25 million in 2016 and is a free agent. He wants to come back and the Mets want him back. Expect him to sign to a similar one year deal for 2017.

12 –Alejendro De Aza CF (32) / Remained healthy, was dreadful at the start but became useful mid-season as an effective fill in and pinch hitter. He also played a very solid centerfield when called upon. DeAza hit 6 homeruns, 9 doubles, and had 25 RBI. His best game by far occurred on Aug 25 in St. Louis when he drove in 5 runs including a 3 run homer in a 10-6 win. He is a free agent and earned 5.75 million in 2016. It’s doubtful he will be back with the Mets in 2017 when you consider the number of outfielders available within the system.

13 –Eric Campbell IF-PR (29) / Spent the majority of the season in Las Vegas. Came up late, played some first base and had some key hits down the stretch. Campbell played in 40 games with one homer and 9 RBI.  He drove in 3 runs in a loss at Washington on May 24. He is under team control through next season.

14 –Noah Syndergaard SP (24) / Because of bone spurs in the elbow, Noah missed a few starts but was still reliable and ultimately became the ace of the staff.  Syndergaard will be remembered in 2016 for his dominant start in the wildcard game the Mets ultimately lost. He struck out ten Giants, a lineup that does not strike out often, during the elimination game. Syndergaard struggled early during the season while holding runners on base but improved greatly as the season progressed. With the injuries to deGrom, Harvey, and Matz, Syndergaard deservedly became the ace of the staff. It has been recently reported that Noah will not require surgery to remove a bone spur in his elbow.  He can enjoy a normal off-season and will be ready for spring training. Noah won 14 and lost 9. His ERA/WHIP was 2.60/1.49. He struck out 218 in 183.2 innings pitched. Syndergaard is also a good hitter. He hit three home runs, two in one game in Los Angeles back in May to account for the only runs the Mets scored in a 4-2 win. Thor made 535k in 2016 and is arbitration eligible in 2018. The Mets have him under control until 2022.

15 –Addison Reed RP (27) / For most of the season, Reed was a lights out eighth inning bridge to Jeurys Familia. In 77.2 innings pitched, he gave up 60 hits and 13 walks, 4 home runs, and struck out 91. Reed’s ERA was 1.97 and he had a WHIP under 1 appearing in 80 games. Reed struck out the side in the 8th innings 4 times. And on two occasions he struck out 4 in more than one inning’s worth of work. In one case he struck out the only 4 batters he faced. That was on July 2 against the Cubs at Citi Field. The Mets have Reed though next season when he can become a free agent but he is eligible for arbitration for 2017. Reed made 5.3 million in 2016.

16 –Jeurys Familia RP (27) / Set the club record for saves with 51. Familia was as dominant a closer as anyone in the game. Unfortunately he will be remembered for losing the wildcard game to the Giants but that is unfair considering how he performed through the regular season. Familia pitched very well during the 2015 NLDS and NLCS but struggled in the World Series against the Royals. However, poor defense aided in putting Familia in bad situations. The question of Familia going forward as the Mets closer by some in the media in light of his post season struggles is ludicrous. Familia has become one of the premier closers in baseball. For the season Familia appeared in 78 games with a record of 3-4. He gave up one home run (not including the wildcard game), walked 31 and struck out 84 batters. His ERA was 2.34 and he had a WHIP of 1.21. He struck out the side twice in the 9th inning in a couple of saves. Some of Familia’s most memorable saves were ones where he struggled, like on June 8 in Pittsburgh when he walked 3 in the 10th inning but induced a double play and another ground out to save the game. Twice he walked 2 and gave up a hit and did not blow the save. Familia earned 4.1 million in 2016 and is eligible for arbitration. He can become a free agent in 2019.

17 –Jim Henderson RP (33) / Spent quite a bit of time on the DL with a sore shoulder or more accurately right biceps tendonitis. He was out of action until August 20. In limited action, Henderson pitched very effectively with a record of 2-2. His ERA of 4.37 was fairly high and his WHIP was 1.40. He did not allow a run in 32 of his 44 appearances and struck out the side twice in separate outings. Henderson was paid 600k in 2016 and it is unclear as to his status moving forward.

18 –Jerry Blevins RP (34) / Unike the 2015 season, Blevins stayed healthy through 2016 and was used primarily as a lefty specialist. In 73 game appearances, he pitched 42 innings and had a record of 4-2 with an ERA/WHIP 1.79/1.21. He walked 15 and struck out 52 and only gave up 4 homeruns. In 7 of his outings, Blevins struck out 2 or more in 1 inning or less of work. Blevins can become a free agent after the World Series.

19 –Jacob deGrom P (28) /deGrom did not have the velocity he had in 2015. He pitched well but struggled from time to time and required time out of the rotation. deGrom was shut down late in the year when it was determined he would need surgery to move his ulnar nerve. This is not Tommy John surgery. The ulnar nerve is healthy it just needed to be moved slightly to prevent it from irritation. He should be healthy and ready to go by spring training. All in all, deGrom pitched 148 innings with a 7-8 record. He had an ERA/WHIP of 3.04/1.20 and still had a great strikeout to walk ration of 143/36. The best outing of the season was a wonderful complete game one hit shutout he threw against the Phillies on Jul 17. It was the only complete game by a Met pitcher this season. He struck out 7 and walked one in a Mets 5-0 win. deGrom is under team control until after the 2020 season when he can become a free agent. He will be eligible for arbitration after next season.

20 – Wilmer Flores 3B,SS,2B, 1B (25) / Wilmer remained healthy for most of the season but a bad wrist in late September caused by a poor slide made him miss the final couple weeks of the season. The injury required surgery to shave bone in the wrist but Flores will be ready for spring training. He became a big threat for the Mets against left handed pitching this past season. Flores played all the infield positions at least once in 2016 and played in 103 games with 307 at bats. He hit 16 home runs with 49 RBI and had an OPS of .788. His best game was on July 3 when Wilmer went 6 for 6, drove in 4 and hit two homeruns. He later hit a walk-off home run on August 13 against the Padres. Flores is arbitration eligible this off season and is under Mets control until after the 2019 season.

21 -Hansel Robles RP (26) / Great one day, bad the next, stayed healthy all year.  This guy could be unhittable at times and at other times he had you pulling your hair out. In fairness, Robles did get used a lot and at times appeared tired. Robles struck out 85 in 77.2 innings, had a record of 6-4, with an ERA/WHIP of 3.48/1.215. Robles did a nice job on June 21 when he came in to relieve Bartolo Colon after 1/3 of an inning due to injury. He pitched 3.2 innings giving up just a single run and striking out 6. Robles will not be eligible for arbitration until after 2017 and can become a free agent in 2021.

22 –Antonia Bastardo RP (31) / Complete disappointment and was eventually traded back to Pittsburgh for Jon Niese. Bastardo did make 41 appearances for the Mets, including striking out the side twice.

23 –Kevin Plawecki C (25) / Big chance came when d’Arnaud went down early in the season. Unfortunately Plawecki could not take advantage and ultimately spent most of the season at AAA Las Vegas. In 46 games with the Mets, he had 6 doubles, 1 homerun, and drove in 11. He batted .197 with OPS of .563. Plawecki’s lone homer came in Los Angeles on May 9, a solo shot that gave the Mets a 2-0 lead on their way to a 4-2 victory. He also drove in 2 runs on the three separate occasions. Plawecki will not be eligible for arbitration until after the 2018 season and can be a free agent after 2021.

24 –Logan Verrett RP (26) / Made a couple of good spot start but was mostly dreadful filling in for Harvey then out of the pen. He spent most of the season at triple A but while in New York he compiled a 3-8 record in 91.2 innings pitched. He struck out 66 and walked 43 and surrendered a whopping 16 homers. Verrett’s ERA/WHIP was 5.20/1.560, not good. Logon’s highlights of the season came early. In April in 2 starts he threw six shutout innings twice, winning one of those games against the Phillies on April 19. Verrett will not be eligible for arbitration until after the 2018 season and can be a free agent after 2021.

25 –Steven Matz SP (25) / Struggled with a bone spur in his pitching elbow and missed many starts throughout the season. He was placed on the DL retroactive to August 15 and never returned for the remainder of the season. Matz went 9-8 for the season with a 3.40/1.209 ERA/WHIP. He struck out 129 batters and ironically gave up 129 hits. Matz also walked 31 batters in 132.1 innings. His best outing came on May 25 when he pitched 8 innings of shutout ball against the Nationals. Matz can file for arbitration after next season and can become a free agent after the 2020 season. At 25, Matz is still considered to be a huge part of the Mets rotation moving forward, but like d’Arnaud health is always an issue.

26 –Rafael Montero SP (26) / He was eventually demoted to AA Binghamton in 2016. Made a couple of decent starts in September but the talent he showed earlier on is simply not there anymore. His record was 0-1, with only 19 innings pitched. He struck out 20 and walked 16. His ERA was up there at 8.06 and a WHIP of 2.053—ouch! His best moment came on August 29, in a spot start when he managed to shutout the Marlins for 5 innings even though he walked 6 batters. His effort that evening helped the Mets secure an important 2-1 victory. Montero is arbitration eligible after next season and can be a free agent for the 2021 season.

27 –Rene Rivera C (33) / Where would the Mets have been without Rene Rivera. After d’Arnaud went down and Plawecki failed to perform, Rivera came up and eventually assumed most of the catching responsibility. The pitching staff performed much better with Rivera behind the dish than with any other Mets catcher. He hit .222 with 6 home runs and 26 RBI. Rivera’s key moment of 2016 was on July 3 when he drove in 3 runs that included hitting a homerun against the Cubs, capping a four game sweep at Citi Field. Rivera can file for arbitration this off season and can become a free agent after 2017.

28 –Sean Gilmartin RP (26) / A rule 5 draftee who performed exceedingly well last year, took a step backward this past season. However, the lefty is young and could become an important part of the Mets staff down the road. Gilmartin only pitched 17.2 innings as opposed to 2015 when he threw 57.1 innings. In those 17.2 innings, Gilmartin gave up 4 homers and 14 total runs. He struck out 11 and walked 7. His ERA/WHIP was an unimpressive 7.13/1.585. Gilmartin’s best outing was back on May 12 when he pitched 3 innings of relief and gave up only 1 hit while fanning 3 in a loss to the Dodgers in LA. As a second year player, Gilmartin is under Mets control for several years.

29 –Matt Reynolds IN (25) / Matt made his Major League debut in 2016. He played in 47 games and hit .225. Reynolds is a hardnosed player ala Wally Backman and plays the game the right way. He could become a valuable bench player in the future. He hit 3 home runs, 8 doubles, and batted in 13. On the big stage in the Subway Series back on August 1, Matt went 2 for 4 with a home run and drove in 3 runs in a Mets loss.  He is still considered rookie status going into 2017.

30 –Ty Kelly IF (28) / Useful bench player, who played in only 39 games in 2016. He had 1 homer and 7 runs batted in during 2016. He played all 10 innings on June 8 in Pittsburgh and drove in 2 runs in a Mets 6-5 win. Perhaps his best moment was against Madison Bumgarner in the wildcard game, being just one of four Mets to get a hit, a ground single to left.  Future status with the Mets is unknown.

31 –James Loney IB (32) / Sandy Alderson picked up Loney from the San Diego Padres AAA club. In his contract, Loney had an out if a Major League team came calling. The Mets did and Loney became a very important piece, taking over first base for the disabled Lucas Duda. Loney played very good defensively and provided some well needed offense as he rekindled his career while helping the Mets reach the post season.  Loney hit 9 homers with 34 RBI. Twice Loney had 3 RBI in a game with a homerun, one a 3 run shot against the Braves back on June 24. Loney will not likely be back with the Mets next year with other options available. Loney will be a free agent following the World Series.

32 –Kelly Johnson 3B,2B (34) / Hopefully the Mets will sign Johnson this off season for the sole purpose of not having to trade any more prospects to get him back again. Plus what does Johnson have to do to convince Alderson that he is a winner and contributes a great deal off the bench, in the clubhouse, and a fill in at second and third? As a fill in guy and pinch hitter, Johnson hit 9 homers with 24 RBI and many of them were big ones. Johnson’s most impactful moment was on August 31. In the eighth inning with the bases loaded and two out and the game tied at 2, Johnson doubled in all three runners with a line drive down the right field line. Johnson is a free agent.

33 –Eric Goeddel RP (27) / Eric pitched in 35.2 innings and spent much of the season in Las Vegas. With the Mets, Eric went 2-2 with a 4.54/1.318 ERA/WHIP. He struck out 36 and walked 14 in 35.2 innings. Goeddel’s best outing occurred on June 21 at Citi Field in a game that Bartolo Colon left after 1/3 of an inning due to injury. He pitched two solid innings allowing just one hit as the Mets went on to win 2-1. The earliest Goeddel can apply for arbitration is after next season and he cannot be a free agent until after the 2020 season.

34 –Brandon Nimmo OF (23) / This kid can hit. He doesn’t have a lot of power at this stage in his career but he hits line drives to the gaps and works the count. There is a place for Nimmo on the Mets but it is unclear what kind of role he may have in the future. Nimmo played in 32 games at the major league level in ’16 and batted .274. Nimmo’s best game happened on July 1 when he hit a 3 run homer in a 10-2 route over the Cubs. He is under Mets control for a number of years before he will be eligible for arbitration.

35 –Seth Lugo RP, SP (26) / Lugo’s story was one of the surprises of the 2016 season. Brought up late in the season for the purpose of relieving, he became a starter due to the rash of injuries in the starting rotation. With not great stats at Las Vegas, not too much was expected. However, Lugo delivered and showed an uncanny ability to pitch in all situations, especially with runners on base. Needless to say, without Lugo, the Mets chances to reach the post season would have been severely hampered. Lugo went 5-2 with a 2.74/1.094 ERA/WHIP. He struck out 45, walked 21 in 64 innings pitched. In Lugo’s 8 starts, he pitched at least 5 innings three times and pitched 7 innings twice. On August 25 in St. Louis for a tough series, Lugo pitched five innings and allowed no runs on 2 hits in a 10-6 decision for his first major league win. Lugo is a rookie and not eligible for arbitration for several years.

36 –Jose Reyes 3B (33) / Who would have ever predicted that at the outset of 2016 that Jose Reyes would be back with the Mets and as an everyday player? That’s what eventually happened when David Wright went down and it was clear that Colorado was looking to dump the suspended shortstop. Back with New York, Reyes became a catalyst at the top of the lineup. He gave the Mets a dynamic they were missing, even during last season when they went to the World Series. His enthusiasm was a welcome addition to the clubhouse and dugout and it rubbed off on his fellow teammates. I was quite surprised at how well Reyes played. A mid-season addition (July 5), Reyes only played in 60 games. He batted .267 with 13 doubles, 4 triples, 8 homeruns and 24 RBI. Reyes stole 9 bases, a far cry from his younger years but still has good speed for his age. Reyes also played very well at third base considering he never had played there in the Majors prior. On September 25 at home, Reyes drove in 4 runs in a 17-0 drubbing of the Phillies. Two were driven in on a double and the other two driven in on bases loaded walks. Reyes is listed as a free agent but will be back in 2017 as the Mets will pick up his option and pay him the MLB minimum.

37 –Justin Ruggiano CF (34) / Came in a trade for cash considerations from the Texas Rangers. He played in 8 games before being injured and lost for the season. Ruggiano did hit two home runs, one was a grand slam in San Francisco in a losing effort. Ruggiano is not on the 40 man roster.

38 –Jay Bruce RF (29) / Acquired in a trade for prospect Dilson Herrera at the trade deadline. Jay suffered what many others had dealt with when coming to New York. He struggled mightily through much of August and September but came alive the last couple of weeks of the season. Bruce was instrumental in helping the Mets clinch the top wildcard spot the last weekend of the season in Philadelphia. He played in 50 games for the Mets and hit 8 homeruns with 19 RBI with 5 doubles. With the Mets, Jay batted .219 with a .685 OPS.  On September 30, Bruce drove in three runs that included a solo home run to help the Mets defeat the Phillies and clinch no worse than a second wildcard tie with St. Louis. The Mets have a 13 million dollar team option on Bruce or could buy out his contract for 1 million dollars. It’s not entirely clear yet as to the Mets intentions. I would assume since they gave up highly touted prospect Herrera, the Mets would pick up the option. At the very least, the Mets could trade Bruce for another need.

39 –Jon Niese SP (29) / Jon was reacquired from Pittsburgh for Bastardo at the trade deadline. Unfortunately an injury requiring knee surgery ended his season. He was lost from August 24 through the rest of the season. Niese was 0-1 with the Mets pitching in just 11 innings. His best outing was ironically against the Mets. On June 7 as a member of the Pirates, Niese pitched 7 shutout innings against the Mets giving up 4 hits in a 6-2 Pirate win. The Mets have a 10 million dollar option on Niese for 2017. Look for the Mets to buy out his contract for a much more reasonable 500 thousand.

40 –Josh Edgin RP (29) / Came off rehab for Tommy John surgery back on May 10 but spent most of the season getting back into shape at Las Vegas. Edgin was brought up in August for a stint then came back in September when the roster was expanded. Edgin got into 16 games out of the pen and pitched in 10.1 innings. He walked 6 and stuck out 10. Edgin’s best outing came on August 11 against Arizona when he pitched 1.2 scoreless innings surrendering just one hit. It came on a day when Syndergaard and Niese gave up 9 runs between them in a 9-0 loss. It was the same day that Collins went ballistic during his post-game conference, the season’s low point. Edgin is eligible for arbitration and can become a free agent in 2019.

41 -T. J. Rivera 2B (27) / Rivera made a number of trips between New York and Vegas beginning on August 10 before settling in as a productive hitting second baseman for the stretch drive. Rivera has always been a good hitter at every level. What held him back was the fact he was an undrafted player and expectations were low. However, Rivera hit at every level before making his major league debut in 2016 at age 27. He contributed quite a bit offensively and filled in admirably for an injured Neil Walker and Wilmer Flores. The Mets will need to assess if Rivera’s ability can sustain over the course of a full season in the Major Leagues as he has put himself in position to be one of the second base candidates come spring. Rivera batted .333 with an OPS of .821. He hit 3 homeruns, 4 doubles, and 1 triple and drove in 16 runs in 33 games. Rivera’s best game was on September 13 at Washington. He went 3 for 4 driving in 3 runs, including the game winning home run in the top of the 10th inning, his first in the majors. Rivera remains under Mets control for next season.

42 –Gabriel Ynoa RP (23) / Late call up, Ynoa made 3 starts and pitched out of the pen. Ynoa was given an opportunity to start with deGrom, Harvey, and Matz gone for the season but did not perform particularly well. His record was 1.0 with an ERA of 6.38 in the 10 games he pitched.  He gave up 13 runs on 26 hits, walked 7 and struck out 17 in 18.1 innings. Ynoa’s best start was on September 18. He started against the Twins and went 4.2 innings allowing 1 run on 4 hits while striking out 8 in a Mets 3-2 win. Signed as an amateur free agent, Ynoa remains under Mets control for next season.

43 –Josh Smoker RP (27) / Josh was the 31st pick overall by the Washington Nationals in the 2007 amateur player draft. While with the Nats organization, Smoker suffered from shoulder issues that eventually required surgery. His velocity declined and became a minor league free agent in 2013. After a stint in independent baseball, he was signed (2015) by the Mets. He made his major league debut with the Mets this season. Smoker was very effective and showed a lot of guts on the mound. He went 3-0 with an ERA of 4.70 with a WHIP of 1.304. He struck out 25 batters in 15.1 innings of relief but gave up 4 homeruns. Josh’s best outing came on September 17 when he struck out the side against the Twins. There were 7 other occasions when Smoker struck out 2 in a 1 inning outing. He is under Mets control for 2017.

44 –Robert Gsellman SP (23)/ Gsellman became an important part of the Mets rotation after they lost deGrom and Matz for the season. The 23 year old right handed pitcher, like Lugo, was not putting up great numbers in Vegas. However, once he got to Flushing, things gelled. In 7 starts (44.2 innings pitched), Gsellman went 4-2. He struck out 42 batters while walking 15 and gave up just one homerun. His ERA/WHIP was an impressive 2.42/1.276. Gsellman’s best start occurred on September 25, a 17-0 crushing of the Phillies. He threw 7 shutout innings allowing 3 hits while striking out 8 and walking 2. Gsellman is under Mets control for the 2017 season.

45 –Fernando Salas RP (31) / Traded from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in a waiver deal at the August 31 deadline. Salas became a very important piece of the bullpen down the stretch and stepped up to become the go-to reliever for the seventh inning.  Salas struggled with the Angels but with the Mets he pitched to a 2.08/0.635 ERA/WHIP in 17.1 innings pitched.  He did give up 3 homeruns and 4 earned runs overall. In 9 appearances in just the 7th inning, Salas gave up 1 run just one time. Salas can file for free agency after the World Series concludes.

46 –Gavin Cecchini IN (22) / Gavin was called up in September and is considered to be a shortstop but likely a candidate for second baseman of the future. Cecchini has hit at all levels of the organization and will perhaps be in the running to be the starting second baseman of 2017, especially now that Dilson Herrera is in the Cincinnati organization. Gavin had 2 RBI in 6 at-bats with the Mets. Both RBI came in a game on September 24 when he doubled twice to drive in a run each time. Gavin is not yet considered a rookie having only played in 6 games with the Mets this past season.

Bonus 47- Zach Wheeler SP (26) / It’s kind of unfair to list Zach because the other players in this list actually made an appearance during the 2016 season. Wheeler was supposed to have come back mid-season but suffered several setbacks during his Tommy John surgery rehabilitation. It was thought perhaps he would come back in late August or in September but it never materialized.  Now that he can rest his elbow further in the off season it is hoped that Wheeler will be set to go come spring training in 2017.

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