About Never Forget ’69

Never Forget 69 started out as a way for me to deal with my Mets anxiety. After all, this is a franchise that has confounded and frustrated its fan base for almost 50 years. Yes, there have been some very memorable moments but unfortunately most seasons have been futile, causing fans of the Mets much pain and anguish. And of course they do this with another team in town that seems to never do any wrong.

I started the original blog thinking it might help my general mental health by writing about the daily goings on of the team, really to help me cope with the mounting losses and provide a feeling of control over the situation. That was just prior to the 2006 season when astonishingly, the Mets ran away with the division that year.

I wrote an article the day after the Mets lost to the Cardinals in the NLCS. “Expect the Mets to take a step back before they move forward.” I wrote, because I felt too much went the Mets way that season. While the Mets steam rolled to a division title, the rest of the eastern division was not very good at all. Little did I know the step back the Mets would take would be to fall off a cliff.

Now we are at  a new day (once again). New baseball management, led by GM Sandy Alderson, takes over the club in hopes of doing what none before have ever been able to do. That is to create a Mets team that enjoys sustained success. I know, the Mets of the ’80s were successful for seven consecutive seasons. But they made the playoffs just twice winning one World Series. Can Sandy Alderson and Co. get the Mets to contend every season and maybe finally win back to back division titles (never done in Mets history). Don’t hold your breath…but I will continue to write about it.

I call this site Never Forget ’69 because at the age of 13, I experienced the most wonderful baseball season of my life. That’s when the Mets went from perennial losers to World Champions in just their eighth season of existence. I thought every season there after would be the same.  How young and naive I was.