Thoughts of this World Series

Last evening’s wild extra inning game in LA not only happened on the anniversary of the 1986 World Series game six classic but was oddly reminiscent of game 6 of the ’86 NLSC involving Houston and of course the Mets.  Both games included a late game comeback then back and forth scoring threw extras before the away team won.  Quite an amazing game that did not involve the Amazins.

It’s the first World Series since 1970 involving two teams with 100 wins or more.  That year it was the Orioles with 108 wins and the Reds with 102.  That was the second year in a row that both World Series entrants had over 100 wins.  In 1969 the Mets won 100 while the O’s won 109.

With both clubs in warm climates and Houston having a roof over Minute Maid Park, there should be no postponements.  If the series goes seven, it will be the 5th time that Major League baseball is played in November.  Last season the Series ended on November 2 in Cleveland.  In 2015, the season ended on November 1 at Citi Field.  In 2010, the Giants won the World Series on November 1 at Texas.  The latest a World Series ended was at Yankee Stadium on November 4, 2009 and in Arizona on November 4, 2001.  The ladder was due to the delay in the schedule because of 9/11 and it was the first time November ball happened.  I’m waiting for the day that a World Series game will be postponed because of snow.  It will happen.

Even though Houston moved to the American League in 2013, they still feel like a National League team to me.  And therefore this is an unusual World Series in that it feels like two NL teams competing.

Former Mets in the World Series include Justin Turner, 3B (LA); Carlos Beltran, DH (Hou); Colin McHugh, RHP (Hou); and Juan Centeno, C (Hou).  Curtis Granderson was left off the Dodgers’ World Series roster and will only be added if there is an injury to an outfielder. How sad for Curtis.

Manager News

Dusty Baker manages the Nationals to two consecutive division titles winning 93 games each year but then is fired.  Joe Girardi gets the Yankees within a game of the World Series in a year that everyone expected the Bombers to work on rebuilding and he’s fired too.  Win or else!

I’ve read nothing but positive things regarding new Mets manager Mickey Callaway.  He certainly appears to be different from the standard garden variety manager.  I feel that because he was a pitching coach, his handling of the bullpen will be miles ahead of Terry Collins who wore out relief pitchers on a regular basis.  Callaway supposedly has very good communication skills which will be helpful in a clubhouse that appeared to fracture during the latter half of the 2017 season.  A new voice was needed so hopefully Callaway and the coaching staff that will be assembled will move the team back into a winning environment.  That and good health of course.

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