The Unpredictable Draft

What do Dominic Smith, Andrew Church, Ivan Wilson, Casey Meisner, and L.J. Mazzilli have in common?

Give up?

They were all drafted before Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2013 MLB player draft.

Bellinger has become the fastest player in baseball history to reach 21 homeruns with his two bombs last night against Zach Wheeler in the first and second inning.  Now it would be unfair for me to trash the Mets for not drafting Bellinger over the picks mentioned above, none of which have made it to the major leagues.  Bellinger was the 124th overall pick so many teams missed him.  In fact Bellinger was the Dodgers fourth pick of the 2013 draft.

While Bellinger is setting records in the majors, where are the Mets five draft picks from 2013?

Smith is in triple A Las Vegas have a very good year.  He’s hitting .318 after last night’s loss to Reno.  Smith has 7 homers, 42 RBI, 18 doubles, and 1 triple.

Pitcher Andrew Church is at St. Lucie with a record of 5-5 and an ERA/WHIP of 4.33/1.35. In 79 innings he has given up 93 hits and 41 runs, walked 14 and struck out 43.  He’s not likely every going to be traded for Clayton Kershaw.

Center fielder Ivan Wilson last played at Columbia in 2016 then retired with a minor league career average of .209.

Casey Meisner, a right handed pitcher, was a beneficial pick in that he was traded to Oakland in 2015 for Tyler Clippard.  Clippard contributed much to the Mets 2015 run to the pennant.  Meisner continues to toil in Oakland’s class A advanced club in Stockton California.

Then there is L.J. Mazzilli, son of former Met Lee Mazzilii.  The young Mazz is hitting .257 spending most time in Binghamton with a handful of games in Vegas.  Mazzilli will never be a star in the majors and if anything he might be a useful role player much the way his father’s career ultimately ended up to be.

Of this group picked in ’13, clearly Smith has the biggest upside.  However, none will likely ever rise to the level of Bellinger.  It just shows how important scouting is and also how unpredictable it can be.  First round picks like Steve Chilcott may never pan out but then there’s a 62nd rounder like Mike Piazza who gets to the Hall of Fame.

Oh by the way, the Mets missed out on Aaron Judge that year also. Judge was picked 32nd overall by the Yankees.

Mets first five picks from 2013 prior to Bellinger being selected by Los Angeles:

Dominic Smith, 1B:  round 1, pick 11
Andrew Church, RHP:  round 2 pick 48
Ivan Wilson, CF: round 3, pick 76
Casey Meisner, RHP:  round 3, pick 84
LJ Mazzilli, 2B: round 4, pick 116

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