Waiting On Wright

Update 11/30/12 – According to Mets beat reported Ed Coleman, David Wright has signed a contract valued at 138 million dollars. The contract will keep David with the Mets through the 2020 season. For more, go to Metsblog.com.

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Some have said the Mets should not have leaked the Wright deal to the press. On the contrary, the Mets had too. Quite simply, the offer on the table, apparently the final offer, is more fair than many would have negotiated. But Wright is deserving of the 140 million that  currently awaits a signature.

According to MLB Network’s Clubhouse Confidential last evening. Wright is the third best third baseman in baseball in terms of WAR (wins above replacement). That includes offense and defense. Speaking of defense, Wright should have won his third Gold Glove for 2012 but the award was given to Chase Headley. Wright was much better defensively.

At a time when few contracts of this magnitude are being offered, Wright would have to be insane not to take it. The contract would keep Wright a Met through the 2020 season. He would be the second highest paid third baseman in baseball behind Alex Rodriguez and it would be the largest contract the Mets have ever offered. If anything and perhaps finally, the Mets are showing loyalty to one of their own, something Tom Seaver unfortunately never experienced.

Wright has said all along he wants to play his entire career with the Mets. If the widely reported offer is true, then the Mets are saying they want him here too. And make no mistake about it my fellow Mets fans, there will come a time when we regret this contract. But Wright is a hard working athlete. So if anyone can continue to be productive on the back end, it could be David.

Then of course there is the uncertainty factor. What if Wright decides to try free agency next fall? What if he has a bad season? What if he gets hurt? Is he willing to walk away from 140 million bucks? It makes no sense to me if he does. And by the Mets leaking the information, at least it puts the ball in Wright’s court. If Wright turns it down, Alderson would be free to shop Wright for a bundle. No Mets fan could blame the Mets ownership then. Quite frankly, as good as Wright is, he is not worth more than Evan Langoria with the Rays but he will be paid more, much more.

Perhaps Wright really does not want to play with the Mets. I guess that could be a possibility but I am doubting that. This is probably a case of his agents and Alderson working out the details related to deferred payments and possibly restructuring Wright’s salary next year slated to be 16 million (the last season of his current contract). Hey if Wright really wants to win, why not move eight to ten million off of next year’s salary to be deferred to help the team spend that money elsewhere, like the outfield.

Clearly the Mets have made a generous offer to Wright. They have shown they really want him to remain with the team. They understand he is currently the face of the franchise and that they want him to be that through this decade. Now it’s up to Wright. Do the right thing. Sign on the dotted line so the front office can get on to other things.

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