Ten Reasons to Watch the Series

The Mets have been out of business now for three weeks. The new wild card games, division series, and league championship series have all concluded, funneling down to the Giants and Tigers who will represent the National League and American League respectively in this year’s World Series. Most in the New York area do not care, having moved on full time to the local football teams and preparing for the NBA (will there be Hockey this year?). But if you are a baseball fan, this series is what all 30 teams play for.

Here are ten reasons to watch the World Series.

  1. It’s still baseball and once the WS is over its a long wait to spring training.
  2. It’s the first time the Giants and Tigers have ever met in the fall classic and that includes the New York Giants as well. There were seasons when it almost happened but it never did. Go here for more on this.
  3. Marco Scuturo is an exciting story and he is an ex Met. He came up to the Mets back in 2002 and has traveled around a lot since, until becoming a hero in San Francisco this fall.
  4. Angel Pagan is an ex Met too. The Mets could not get rid of Pagan fast enough after he sulked most of the 2011 season. Sandy Alderson sent him to SF for Andres Torres. Guess who got the last laugh?
  5. Austin Jackson and Phil Coke are ex-Yankees. Seeing these players in the series while the Yankees were spanked out of the playoffs has to make any Mets fan warm and fuzzy.
  6. You get to hear Tim McCarver who is well known to all Mets fans. Tim was a Mets mainstay in the TV booth from 1983 through 1998. Love him or hate him, Tim changed the way baseball is analyzed on the TV.
  7. Even in high definition, the views of San Francisco Bay are outstanding from AT&T Park.
  8. Guillermo Mota and Xavier Nady of the Giants are also ex-Mets. Nady remains one of the most popular Mets to ever play just a half season with the club. For Mota, not so much.
  9. Octavio Dotel, relief pitcher, for the Tigers, is the only link to the 1999 post season Mets. Dotel pitched 3.1 innings and won 1 game in the 1999 post season.
  10. What else you gonna watch, Housewives of New Jersey?

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