Unraveling Yankees

They are getting great pitching but they just can’t hit. Their hitters are expanding the strike zone, not being selective. They have absolutely no power and it seems that all the calls are going against them. They are simply not scoring any runs and have major injuries on top of it all.

Readers of this blog would immediately assume I am talking about the Mets. But the Amazins’ bats, balls, gloves, and unis have been put away for almost two weeks now. Believe it or not, my description applies to the Yankees.

Yes the Yankees. And even though they managed to just scrape by the young Baltimore Orioles in the ALDS, it will be a tall order to somehow win the next four out of five games from the Detroit Tigers. The Yankees who trail in the ALCS two games to zip look completely inept as if father time decided to finally call in the favor.

Robinson Cano has forgotten how to hit making everyone notice that he never hustles to first base. Alex Rodriguez is showing every sign of an aging player that may have had some significant help earlier in his career from the chemical industry. Nick Swisher is showing why the Mets should not go near him when they begin to pursue outfielders through free agency in a few weeks. Curtis Granderson loves the right field porch in Yankee Stadium but he must hate the grass because his bat can never place any balls on top of it. My advice is fall behind by two runs and make sure Raul Ibanez comes up with a man on in the ninth inning or later.

The big blow came Saturday evening when on a routine ground ball, Derek Jeter turned his ankle. It’s broken and regardless of what the specialist may say today, the next at bat for Derek will happen some time next March.

When you look at the Yankees, most wonder why is this happening. How is it that a team that won 95 games during the regular season, struggled so much in the playoffs?

The Yanks had two very good months. They went 20-7 in June and 20-11 from September 1st to the end of the season. That’s a total of 40-18. The rest of the season, they went 55-49. There were signs that there were problems on this team. Now before anyone says I’m just a bitter Mets fan let me say…well, you would be partially correct but don’t be foolish, I wish my team was struggling in the playoffs right now. As bad as Yankees fans feel, and I have many Yankee fan friends who do, it’s better to be in the post season struggling than have your team a complete afterthought.

Now did the Yankees get a bad break at second base on Swisher’s throw to Cano? Most certainly but could the pitcher get the next two outs? Can their hitters get a hit or drive in a run? Seems not. But why?

How did the Yankees score most of their runs this season? By hitting home runs, that’s how. As a team the Yankees out homered everyone, banging 245 balls over the fence. By comparison the Mets hit 139 of them. Gee–wonder why the Mets are home watching on TV while their cross town rivals are still playing.

But the problem is when the Yankees do not homer, they do not score. And except for Raul Ibanez, they are not hitting home runs right now. Unless they get their homer stroke back in Detroit, it’s likely the Yankees will not get that chance for their 28th world championship.

No I am not losing any sleep over it. But I find it fascinating to see so many Yankee fans come so unglued because of what is going on. To you Yankee fans I say walk a mile in a Mets fans shoes. I understand your pain. You expect to win every single year. But you cannot come close to know what it’s like to be us. I understand your need for sympathy. Just don’t come calling around our neck of the woods looking for any.

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