Mets All Time on the Fourth

What’s the Fourth of July without a baseball game. Today, the Mets will play their 61st Fourth of July contest. Even though the Mets have only been around for 50 years, in the early days they played doubleheaders on the Fourth. Ah, the good old days. Two for the price of one. This year’s Fourth of July game will be at Citi Field starting at 1:10PM. It is the first time a Fourth of July game will be played at Citi Field.

Here is the compiled list of every Fourth of July Mets game in their 50 year history…

1962  – Mets lose to the Giants in San Francisco by the score of 11-4 in game one of a doubleheader. In game two the Mets lost 10-3.
1963 – At Wrigley Field in Chicago, the Mets lose game one by a score of 2-1. They lost the nightcap too, getting blanked 3-0.
1964 – The Mets lose to the Dodgers at Chevez Ravine by a score of 3-2.
1965 – At Shea Stadium, the Mets lose to St. Louis 6-2.
1966 – Finally, the Mets win on the fourth of July. In fact they did it twice defeating the Phillies at Connie Mack Stadium by scores of 9-6 and 8-1.
1967 – The Mets defeat the Giants and Juan Marichal at Shea Stadium by a score of 8-7.
1968 – The Mets split a doubleheader at Shea against the Pirates, losing in the first by a score of 3-2 and winning the second 4-3.
1969 – The Mets trounce the Pirates twice at Forbes Field by scores of 11-6 and 9-2.
1970 – Mets beat the Phillies in the last season at Connie Mack by the score of 7-2.  Seaver wins his 13th.
1971 – The Braves shutout the Mets 2-0 at Shea.
1972 – The Mets, behind Tom Seaver, shutout the Padres 2-0 at Shea in game one of a doubleheader. San Diego wins game two 4-2.
1973 – The Mets lose in Montreal by a score of 7-5.
1974 – The Mets split a pair with the Phillies at Shea with the Mets winning the first 5-3 and losing the nightcap 6-2.
1975 – Mets beat the Phillies at Veterans Stadium 4-3.
1976 – At Shea the Mets split a doubleheader with the Cubs. The Mets win game one 9-4 and lose game two 4-2.
1977 – In Philly, the Mets lose 3-1.
1978 – The Mets split with the Phillies again at Shea. Mets win opener 4-0 and lose closer 3-2.
1979 – The Phillies beat the Mets 1-0 at the Vet.
1980 – The Mets split with the Expos at Shea. Game one goes to the Mets, a 9-5 win while game two is a 5-4 Montreal win.
1981 – No game today. The baseball players were on strike.
1982 – The Phillies sweep the Mets in a doubleheader at Shea by scores of 9-7 and 7-2.
1983 – Mets get shutout by Phillies 4-0 at the Vet.
1984 – Astros defeat Mets 10-5 at Shea.
1985 – In 19 innings, the Mets defeat the Atlanta Braves at Fulton County Stadium by a score of 16-13. The game lasted six hours and 10 minutes and finished about 4:00AM. Fireworks were shot off after the game waking many in the Atlanta area.
1986 – Doc Gooden and the Mets defeat Houston 2-1 at Shea.
1987 – Mets lose to the Reds in Cincinnati by a score of 7-3.
1988 – Reds beat Mets again, this time at Shea by score of 5-1.
1989 – Astros defeat Mets 10-3 at Astrodome.
1990 – Mets get back at Houston winning 7-4 at Shea.
1991 – Mets beat Expos in Montreal by score of 5-1
1992 – In a doubleheader against the Astros at Shea, the Mets won the first 5-3 and lost the second 3-1.
1993 – The Giants beat the Mets 10-8 at Shea.
1994 – The Mets beat the Giants 2-1 at Candlestick.
1995 – The Cubs shutout the Mets 3-0 at Shea Stadium.
1996 – Mets shutout Expos 4-0 in Montreal.
1997 – Mets beat Marlins 6-2 at Shea.
1998 – Braves defeat Mets in Atlanta 4-1.
1999 – Mets defeat Braves 7-6 at Shea.
2000 – Marlins beat Mets 9-8 at Florida.
2001 – At Shea, Mets defeat Cubs 2-1.
2002 – In Florida, Marlins take Mets 9-7.
2003 – Mets win over Reds 7-2.
2004 – Mets defeat the Yankees in the only interleague game between the two clubs on July 4th by a score of 6-5.
2005 – Mets defeat Washington 5-2 in the nation’s capital.
2006 – At Shea, Mets defeat Pirates by a score of 7-6 scoring 3 runs in 8th.
2007 – At Coors Field, the Rockies crush the Mets 17-7.
2008 – Phillies beat Mets 3-2 at Citizen’s Bank Park.
2009 – Phillies do it again at Citizen’s, this time by a score of 4-1.
2010 – Mets take care of the Nats in DC 9-5.
2011 – Mets defeat Dodgers in LA by a score of 5-2.

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