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Bad Day

Yesterday’s game kind of epitomizes the Mets season so far.  Although the Mets have played well the last couple of weeks, there are still some things that can drive you a little batty from time to time.

The Mets were well on their way to getting off the snide regarding wins with three runs or less.  They are 0-11 in that category.  I’m not saying that your pulse should not have been raising heading into the ninth inning. Even so, with a slim 3-2 lead after 32 games, I felt confident that the Mets would win the one run contest and sweep the series.  Even the law of averages had to be on the Mets’ side.  It didn’t happen for several reasons.

First, In the ninth inning with one out and a runner on first, a hot ground ball to third baseman Wilmer Flores off the bat of Eduardo Nunez was bobbled.  His wild throw to second pulled Neil Walker off the bag and everyone was safe.  You knew things were getting bleak at that point.  If Flores cleanly fielded the ball, it was a sure 5-4-3 double play, game over—Mets win their first game of the season scoring three runs or less.

Second, Jeurys Familia just didn’t have it.  He fell behind Hunter Pence before Pence grounded one passed Flores scoring Joe Panic who had walked earlier in the inning.  Game tied, Mets will not win their first game of the season scoring three runs or less.  But they could still win the game.  After Buster Posey walked to load the bases, Familia continued to struggle until his day ended after giving up a bases loaded clearing double to Christian Arroyo.  Giants led 6-3, bad day for Flores, bad day for Familia, bad day for the Mets.

Flores almost pulled a “July 31, 2015” by homering to tie the game. But his drive to left center hit just below the orange line to drive in two and keep the Mets out of the wins with less than three runs column.  With Flores on second, the tying run, Plawecki grounded out meekly in front of the plate to end the frustrating afternoon.  What has happened to Plawecki?  He has no pop in his bat at all.

Three, the Mets had a number of opportunities to score a lot more than three runs.  But the big hit with runners in scoring position didn’t happen yesterday and that’s not unusual.  As I’ve stated in the past, the offense, any team’s offense, is going to go up and down.  That’s why it’s important to have good pitching and good defense.  So while many Monday morning quarterbacks lamented after the game that the Mets should have put the game away earlier, it was their defense and pitching that ultimately did them in.  The bullpen has thrown way too many innings and the starters have thrown way too few.

All the two runs in the bottom of the ninth did was to keep the games won total when scoring fewer than three runs at 11, virtually it’s at 12.

The good news is the Mets have won four series in a row, each 2 games to 1.  That’s a .667 winning percentage and if the Mets keep doing that they will be fine.  But if they stumble in Milwaukee or Arizona, they’ll be back to square one wondering how to right this ship once again.

Update: It has been reported that Familia has a blood clot in his shoulder that will likely require surgery.  Wow!  You know yesterday it just looked like he had a bad day.  He’s had them before.  But apparently he’s got a very serious medical condition that is likely going to keep him out of action for a very long time.  If this generation of Mets players are to be known for something it may be their lack of health. The pitching rich Mets are looking mighty poor.