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Another Game Six

For the first time in 95 years, the Red Sox have a chance to do something spectacular. With a win this evening or tomorrow evening, the Sox will clinch a Worlds Series in Boston for the first time since 1918. It would be quite the party.

Now if it doesn’t happen, I won’t feel too bad since Boston has won the World Series twice in the last ten years. The sweep in 2004 at Colorado ended an 86 year drought then they swept the St. Louis Cardinals in 2007, the team they are currently facing, a series also won on the road. Before ’04, you have to go back to the 1986 World Series when the Sox had a chance to win the Series at Fenway Park.

Boston defeated the Mets in games one and two at Shea Stadium heading back to Boston for games three, four, and five if necessary. New York’s two wins to open the Boston set guaranteed a Series win back at Shea regardless of the victor. Boston won game five then had to win just one of two at New York but of course Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner set the stage for a Mets clincher in game seven.

So while all of Boston prepares for a huge celebration, there is no fan base that should be more aware of and prepared for disappointment than the ones who supports the red and navy blue. As an HBO special about the Boston Red Sox reported that after the famous game six of ’86, while fans roamed the streets aimlessly in Beantown, a fan was heard saying “This is the darkest day since Jack Kennedy was shot”. If that doesn’t tell you how seriously the citizens of Boston take their Red Sox, I don’t know what will.

I am pulling for the Sox because I lived in Boston a long time ago for several years. Of course I was true to the orange and blue (as the theme song says) but I became enamored with the Red Sox and their fans. And it didn’t hurt that they hated the Yankees either.  But to assume that the Sox will win the Series because they lead three games to two and playing at home would be fool hardy. The Cardinals have a great team also and if they win, I certainly would feel very happy for Carlos Beltran, the greatest center fielder to ever where a Mets uniform and you can look it up.

Red Sox history in the World Series

The Red Sox won their first World Series in 1903 (then known as the Boston Americans) five games to three against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The series at that time was a nine game affair. They next won in 1912, Fenway Park’s first year, four games to three over the New York Giants. In that series, the Red Sox led the Giants three games to two, lost game six but won game seven. Interestingly, game two ended in a tie at Fenway because of darkness. The game was completely replayed. The Sox won in back to back seasons in 1915 and ’16, both were five game series against the Phillies and Brooklyn Dodgers (Robins) respectively. In 1918, the Sox defeated the Cubs, also leading three games to two but this time Boston won game six. The Sox had led the series 3-1 but lost game five. Then the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees and did not see another World Series championship for 86 seasons.

However Boston did get back to the World Series in 1946 when they met the St. Louis Cardinals for the first time in the fall classic. Just as now, the Red Sox led St. Louis three games to two, ready to win their first Series since 1918. But returning to Busch Stadium, the Cardinals took game six and seven disappointing the fans of Boston. The Sox and their faithful had to wait another two decades before getting back to the Series, and once again they faced the Cardinals. This time, in 1967, the tables were reversed in that St. Louis led the series three games to two heading into Boston for game six. The Sox took game six by a score of 8-4 but lost the deciding game seven 7-2. Then of course eight years later, the Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds played in one of the great World Series of all time highlighted by game six at Fenway when Carlton Fisk waived his home run fair as the Sox won in twelve innings by a score of 6-5. The Sox tied the series at three but lost game seven the next night by a score of 4-3. It was truly a heart breaking defeat for Red Sox fans. Eleven years later came the Mets and then another twenty years had to pass before the Sox became a truly dominant force in the American League and where we are today.

So tonight, the Sox have a chance to make history in Boston for the first time in a century but it is no sure thing. Michael Wacha pitches for the Cardinals and the young hurler has been phenomenal this post season. In 27 innings, Wacha has allowed three runs and has won four games during October including game two last week in Boston. Lackey goes for the Sox. He has been good and pitched in some tough luck but the Boston hitters will have to figure out Wacha to get it done this evening. My money is on a seven game series concluding tomorrow evening, with only one sure thing. It will be Halloween. Trick or Treat?