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The System Worked

To all the whiners in Texas and Atlanta, especially Atlanta, news flash–the new system worked. I don’t want to hear how Texas and Atlanta should get more than one game to prove themselves. Guess what? You had 162 games to prove yourself and here is what you proved… You were not good enough to win your respective divisions. The Braves had a fine year winning 94 games. But the Nationals had a better one winning 98. The Rangers had the lead in the AL west for almost the entire season but collapsed down the stretch. Yet the new system still provided these clubs an opportunity to compete in the post season. Ask Mets fans if they would not have wanted a second wild card in 2007 and 2008, the years of their infamous collapses.

The new format gives incentive and priority to the six division winners, something that was missing in the playoff format prior to this season. Next season, Texas and Atlanta should remember the sting of losing the one game elimination and do their best to end in first place. The Yankees, Tigers, Athletics, Nats, Reds, and Giants, none of them had to be concerned about the one loss and out scenario. That was their reward for clinching their division. The system worked. I liked it now lets move on to the next round.

Oh and about the bad infield fly call… yep, it sucked but did it screw the Braves? We will never know. But the Braves were already in a hole due to bad defense responsible for four unearned runs. Had the Braves played defense yesterday the way they did all season, the may have won the game 3-2. Don’t blame the system and don’t blame the call. The Braves need to look in the mirror and realize they lost the game by their own undoing.