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New Blood

The Mets will try and complete the pattern this evening by defeating the Orioles and sweeping the series. They were swept by the Yankees, then swept the Rays in Tampa before being swept again at home against Cincinnati. As this roller coaster season progresses, the Mets continue to bounce back when all looks lost. They have done so again by taking the first two from Baltimore by identical scores of 5-0. It’s the Orioles first visit ever to Citi Field. Hopefully they will not want to come back for a while if the Mets can complete the task of giving Buck Showalter a severe case of acid reflux. Actually his own team appears to be doing that.

With the two shutouts in a row, the Mets now have an 8-3 record in preventing the other team from scoring, the best in the Majors.  Here’s another interesting stat. In games decided by two or three runs, the Mets record is 13-6. They are 9-8 in one run games and in games decided by four runs, the Mets are 2-7. That’s odd. But games decided by 5 runs, the Mets are 8-2. Odd again, don’t you think? In games decided by six or more runs, the Mets are 5-9. So overall the Mets seem to do quite well in low scoring games. In high scoring games they typically lose except if the difference is 5 runs. Go figure.

Minors in full swing…

The Mets minor league affiliates are now in full swing. On Monday, the Brooklyn Cyclones of the New York-Penn League (short-season A) opened their season with a win at home against the Staten Island Yankees. The four game home and home series continued last evening with another win for the Cyclones at SI. Brandon Nimmo, last season’s first round draft pick is playing center field and batting second for the Cyclones. Also at Brooklyn is Kevin Plawecki, the supplemental pick from this year’s first round, 35th overall. Plawecki is a catcher. The Cyclones play in Staten Island again this evening before returning to Brooklyn to face the Yankees tomorrow night.

Also underway are the Kingsport Mets (rookie league) of the Appalachian League who opened with a loss last evening in Princeton, West Virgina. Gavin Cecchini, this year’s first round pick has already been signed and is playing shortstop for the K-Mets. Branden Kaupe, also a shortstop and drafted in the fourth round is playing second base for Kingsport.

The Mets dropped their Gulf Coast League (rookie) Mets this past winter leading to speculation the Mets were really hurting financially. Mets GM Sandy Alderson insisted the move was simply to consolidate what he felt was a bloated farm system. In fact, the Mets had more farm teams than most other organizations.  So far, except for Binghamton of the Eastern League  (AA) and the 0-1 K-Mets, the other affiliates are all having winning seasons. The St. Lucie Mets of the Florida State League (advanced A) have already clinched the first half southern division title having run away with the race early on. The Savannah Sang Gnats of the South Atlantic League (A) have a strong second place record as their first half comes to an end as well.  Likely, players who have had an outstanding first half in the A ranks will move up to AA Binghamton whose record is a few games under .500.  Perhaps Zach Wheeler (an ace in the making?) will be promoted to AAA Buffalo since he appears to have dominated double A hitters.

Speaking of aces, Buffalo’s Matt Harvey had another outstanding outing as he pitched six strong innings last night. He gave up one run on six hits and struck out seven while walking only two.

College World Series

Speaking of draft picks, the Mets have two in the College World Series. The 71st pick overall in the second round, Matt Reynolds plays third base for the University of Arkansas.  They are undefeated in the CWS  having won against both Kent State and South Carolina in bracket 2. Both these clubs play each other to determine who will play Arkansas in the double elimination final round. The winner will move on to the championship round.

David Boyd, 6th round pick (200 overall) is a first baseman who is currently playing for Florida State, who won their elimination game against UCLA last night. They will play Arizona for the chance to move on to the Championship round starting on Sunday. Neither Reynolds or Boyd have yet to sign with the Mets.

For Nimmo and Other Elite Players, Was College Really an Option?

The Mets signed their top draft pick Brandon Nimmo for a franchise record 2.1 million dollars last evening prior to the 12:01AM deadline. That means the Mets paid over slot, a crucial step that proves Sandy Alderson and his staff have raised the bar in terms of procuring the best talent available. In fact, the Mets signed 19 of their top 21 picks as well as many others after round 21.

It’s a strange game where hundreds of thousands of dollars are shelled out to players that have never seen one professional pitch. That is the nature of the amateur draft these days. Few make it, but you better have a lot of good prospects to increase the odds of a couple making it or making them part of a game changing trade.

Actually I am rather shocked that so many of these deals go to the last minute. It appears to me that many players, at least the high school ones, and their parents are not paying attention to anything other than sports.

To me, the idea of walking away from a couple of hundred thousand dollars on up to attend college is simply ridiculous.  Isn’t the idea of going to college to get a good job when you get out? Please tell me how many college students graduate today and start out in business making anything close to what some of these top prospects receive in a signing bonus. Don’t get me wrong, I am talking top prospects, not a player from the 50th round being offered 10k or less to sign.

The fact is there are few jobs available today for the millions of college graduates churned out every spring. In case you have not been paying attention, there is a huge job crisis in this country as corporations continue to outsource jobs to many foreign countries. Plus the cost of college is staggering. Most students must take out college loans that put them in a hole for upward of 20 years after they graduate. If things do not work out for Mr. Nimmo, the money he made last evening will send him and his children’s children to college if properly invested. Also, today colleges are filled with people from all different age groups. The point being you can always go to college.

Would Nimmo’s dad actually have balked over a couple of hundred grand and sent his son to Arkansas with the potential of being injured as an amateur, never earning a dime from pro ball. If so, shame on him. How is that looking after his son’s wellfare?

David Wright signed out of high school. He earned a huge pay day with the Mets and likely will again after 2013. He has promotion deals too. Should David have gone to college instead?

I am not trying to come off as a hardcore capitalist, I’m not. Most of these players are from average middle class families. (You remember the middle class, don’t you?) I am simply pointing out that an opportunity for these elite high school players will not always be there. They should grab it when they can.

The Mets got their player. Their new player got a lot of money. Both should be happy today.